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Ivan Donzelli

Driven by his passion for design and manufacturing, as well as materials and their processing techniques, Ivan Donzelli graduated in Industrial Product Design from Politecnico di Milano in 2021. In the same year, he embarked on a rather unique journey at Lisar S.p.a., a multinational company headquartered in Carbonate (CO) and a leader in the contract-retail sector for high-end fashion brands.

He joined the company as a carpenter, rotating through all the production departments the following year, from woodworking to metalworking to painting, absorbing the secrets that only practical experience can reveal. He then moved to the technical office as a designer: The nature of the projects undertaken by the company, which are always different and have extremely limited production runs, is highly stimulating and allows for the exploration of refined and innovative design solutions.

In addition to his dedication to design, he has a genuine passion for bodybuilding, taking a natural approach to it. He play the piano and love listening to music, and thoroughly enjoys exploring diverse cultures through travel. Interweaving subtle connections among these interests often grants him unique perspectives on reality and the ability to devise innovative solutions to various needs. This eclectic nature is evident in the projects he undertakes. Rather than adhering to a singular style, they delve into specific concepts, materials, or processes, driven by the visual and tactile sensations he wants to convey.

2021 — Ivan Donzelli.